Can I customize a playground to suit my own needs? Yes of course you can customize a playground. Our playgrounds are designed for every individual. If you like one of the standard ones great, but if you want to change some things, tha's no problem nor is it a problem if you want to start from scratch and design one that way.

How long does it take to get my playground or daycare equipment once I place the order? Once the order has been finalized and a 30% deposit has been made, we will then start the order. Depending on the size of the order it usually takes between 6-8weeks by the time we manufacture and then ship to you.

Do you install the playgrounds or am i able to do that myself? We sell the playgrounds without installation included, if you are wanting it installed we will arrange a local team to come in and install it for you. Why we do this as a site pad needs to be prepped and ready to go for installation, this is not something that we do but we will come in after and install the playground at a nominal cost. We have found that some centres prefer to install the playground themselves so we leave it up the individual to decided.

With the day cots for the toddlers and preps are we able to get sheets to fit them? Yes you can we have a range that will fit that can also be purchased seperately.

Am I able to buy spare parts for some of the items? We do stock a basic selection of parts for most of the furniture and play things so chances are we will have what you need.

Will you do the whole centre for me? Yes. We specialise in coming onsite and getting everything that you need to set up a centre, this includes tables, chairs, beds, office furniture, reception lounges, kitchen equipment, indoor and outdoor play equipment, montessori learning toys, bikes, trikes, scooters, gym equipment and of course our playgrounds.

Do I have to get the entire fitout through you or can i just buy a playground or some beds etc? No you do not have to get the entire centre done through us. It is to your advantage to do this as we will save you a lot of money but if you only need a few pieces we are happy to help you out.

What sort of warranty is on the products? Each product will have a different warranty depending on the manufacturer. If anything is faulty it will be replaced for you. If something breaks within a reasonable amount of time, it also will be replaced for you. The only issue we have is when something has clearly been used & abused and it has resulted in a breakage we will not cover that.